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newborn session checklist: 7 things you don't want to forget

how to prep for your portrait session with your dog

3 Reasons you should book your Newborn Session before Baby arrives





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Planning a wedding is hard and talking through money and budgeting can be tough. I’ve included these go-to steps I took while planning my own wedding, to ensure you can stay within your planned wedding budget. Talk over your budget Talk over your budget with your fiance and see how much you two can afford […]

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You know what they say, “Creating a wedding day timeline is easy as 1-2-3…4!!” Grab a pen and paper, take some notes, and you’ll be able to create your wedding day timeline in a matter of 4 easy steps! Step 1: Ask Yourself Creating a wedding day timeline can sometimes feel overwhelming or daunting, but […]

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Want to ensure you get some GREAT images from your wedding day? Take a few small tips from me, a seasoned wedding photographer, to ensure you get some of the best images that you’ll look back on forever and smile!   Getting Ready Get ready in a room with lots of natural light and preferably […]

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I start every single wedding day off by photographing the couple’s “wedding day” details. This includes all of the small details of the wedding day that we don’t want to ever forget. The details box is typically left with the bride and when I arrive the morning of the wedding. This way, I can quickly […]

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You want the best wedding day ever – duh! You know, the one you’ve been dreaming about your entire life? Yeahhhhh! I want that for you too! But did you know your wedding vendors can sometimes make or break your overall wedding experience? Before you sign the contract on the dotted line, be sure to […]

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Your wedding day is coming up quickly! There are a few “dos” and “don’ts” that I think all couples should know and consider when they get ready on their wedding day. -DO get ready in a large location where there’s a large window with natural lighting. Natural lighting allows for the best and prettiest images […]

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The days leading up to your wedding can sometimes be stressful. Honestly, if you could have seen me the two weeks before my own wedding, I wasn’t doing well (but I can laugh about it now). So much is happening, so many emotions, so many last minute things that need to be completed… That’s where […]

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You recently had your family’s portraits taken, received your images, changed your Facebook profile and cover photos, and sent out your personally designed holiday cards to your friends and family… now what? You’ve got to back up your images! It’s one of the most important things I stress to all of my clients.  I learned […]

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