I start every single wedding day off by photographing the couple’s “wedding day” details. This includes all of the small details of the wedding day that we don’t want to ever forget. The details box is typically left with the bride and when I arrive the morning of the wedding. This way, I can quickly grab the box and begin photographing!

I recommend couples put the following items in their details box, but if you’ve got a few other things to put in it, definitely include it!

  • Rings (all three)
  • Invitation Suite
  • Something borrowed and blue
  • Wedding Dress **
  • Veil **
  • Shoes
  • Perfume
  • Wedding bouquet
  • Groom’s tie, cufflinks, shoes, fun socks, and cologne
  • A bridesmaid dress

Extras if you’ve got them:

  • Floral scraps from florist (ask for this ahead of time)
  • Extra pieces of decor from reception
  • Velvet ring box (these photograph beautifully and can be found on Amazon)
  • Vow books
  • Gifts/ letters to each other

** Don’t put your dress and veil in the box, because we obviously don’t want to wrinkle these things up before you get into them.


Am I missing something important you had in your wedding day details box? Comment it down below!


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Whats in a Wedding Details Box and why you should have one too