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Sioux City newborn photographer

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As I’ve mentioned, I provide everything you need for newborn sessions. Parents don’t need to bring any props, but here are a few things I do recommend bringing along to your baby’s newborn session: Multiple diapers with wipes: we don’t want baby in a dirty diaper! Pacifier: this helps soothe baby when they’re awake Bottle […]

Sioux City Newborn Photographer

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Do you know what the #1 most important thing that happens at a newborn session is? You might be thinking… family or sibling photos, getting sleeping baby photos, or photographing the small baby features. But there’s one thing that is my TOP priority… NEWBORN SAFETY! Hands down, keeping your little one safe is the most […]

Sioux City Newborn Photographer

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“Oh, I can just do that later.”  This is something my sister had said while she was pregnant with my nephew. What she and my brother-in-law didn’t realize was that my nephew decided to make his grand appearance into the work exactly one month early. There were many things that they thought they had time […]

Sioux City Newborn Photographer

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After a quick Google search, you’ll find that most photographers recommend newborn sessions take place when baby is between 7-21 days old.    While most newborn sessions take place during this window, but there’s a few reasons why it might be tough for some newborns to have their session within this window: Baby is born […]

Sioux City newborn Photographer

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Newborn photography is something that new (and even seasoned) parents should put some research into before they officially book with a photographer. Make sure to ask your potential newborn photographer these 7 questions before booking with them. I’ve also answered them myself too!   What is your training and what are your safety practices during […]

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