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After a quick Google search, you’ll find that most photographers recommend newborn sessions take place when baby is between 5-15 days old. 


While most newborn sessions take place during this window, but there’s a few reasons why it might be tough for some newborns to have their session within this window:

  • Baby is born prematurely  and/or baby has an extended hospital stay
  • Parents didn’t book a newborn session before baby’s birth


In my experience, I like to photograph newborns when they’re 5-15 days old in my studio. They’re always pretty snoozy, are able to stay full a little longer, and are still flexible to get in particular poses. 


BUTTTTTT if we aren’t able to get baby’s newborn session to take place within this window, please don’t worry! It will be okay and we can still get some pretty amazing and adorable photos of your newborn! I’m comfortable taking photos of newborns when they’re up to 8-10 weeks old.


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