Newborn photography is something that new (and even seasoned) parents should put some research into before they officially book with a photographer. Make sure to ask your potential newborn photographer these 7 questions before booking with them. I’ve also answered them myself too!


What is your training and what are your safety practices during a session?

Newborn photography is not an endeavor a photographer decides to get into in one day; photographers should have plenty of training before ever bringing a baby in for a session. To ensure safety when posing your newborn during the session, it is essential that the photographer has received proper training. Always ask what training the photographer has received before you book your session. 

TMP’s answer: Personally, I’ve purchased online workshops/courses  that cover everything from safety and posing and will attend an in-person newborn workshop (next month). I’m currently enrolled in a newborn posing (that includes safety) course. 

A few things I do to ensure the baby is safe is that I make sure baby is never left unattended (either the parents or myself is always by baby), baby will always have a spotter during the posed portion of the session, and I never put them in a pose that baby personally cannot get into or doesn’t want to get into.


How long will it take to see and receive my images?

Newborn photography is a genre of photography that takes more time to edit. This means depending on the photographer you choose, you may have to wait many weeks to receive your photos. It is always best to clarify their turnaround time, so you have a clear expectation.

TMP’s answer: I don’t want any of my clients to wait too long for their images. I promise a sneak peek to be posted on social media within 1 day of your session and then proof galleries delivered are within 2 weeks, but typically it’s sooner than that! 


Is the studio sanitized between sessions?

Newborn babies’ immune systems aren’t the strongest, so find a photographer who prioritizes keeping a germ-free area for you and your baby.

TMP’s answer: Before every newborn session, I thoroughly wash my hands and also use hand sanitizer before wrapping and posing a baby. I also sanitize my hands throughout the session. Once a session has completed, I wash any wraps, props, and backdrops that are in direct contact with a baby’s skin to ensure it’s clean and sanitized for the next newborn that uses it. I do my best to ensure the safety of all my clients.


Do you have a prep guide?

Getting ready and prepping for a newborn session can be hectic, so find a photographer who will help you prep for the session. 

TMP’s answer: I have a multi-page newborn prep guide that helps newborn parents prepare for a newborn session. It covers everything from picking out outfits for family photos, how to help ensure you’ll have a sleepy baby for the session, a checklist of everything you’ll want to bring to the session, and much more!


Where do sessions take place?

You’ll want to determine where the photographer’s newborn sessions take place. At their studio, your home, etc.

TMP’s answer: Newborn sessions take place at my cozy natural light studio just north of Sioux City, Iowa in Hinton! It has an entire wall of floor to ceiling windows (provides the most beautiful natural light), has additional seating for parents while their newborn is getting photographed, and a beverage fridge!


What happens in the case of illness?

Since newborns have brand new immune systems, we have to do whatever we can to keep them safe and healthy. If anyone is sick before the session, it is always best to reschedule to a new session day.

TMP’s answer: I ask that no one enters the studio if they are sick or feel ill. This includes myself, parents, siblings, etc. If needed, we will reschedule to a new session day when everyone is healthy – I’m flexible when it comes to rescheduling for this reason. Because of the number of newborns coming for sessions each week, I want to make sure to limit the amount of germs coming into the studio.


Posed vs lifestyle?

You may have a specific style of photography you’d like for your newborn. Make sure to look at the photographer’s website to see if that is a service they offer. If you don’t see that on their website, they likely don’t offer that style.

TMP’s answer: Taylor Maurer Photography specializes in posed newborn photography. This means I’ll wrap them in a swaddle, place them in props, and even get them in those cute little poses.


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7 Questions to ask before you hire a Newborn Photographer