Sioux City Newborn Photographer

“Oh, I can just do that later.” 

This is something my sister had said while she was pregnant with my nephew.

What she and my brother-in-law didn’t realize was that my nephew decided to make his grand appearance into the work exactly one month early. There were many things that they thought they had time for, but didn’t because he came early.

Luckily, they had already scheduled their newborn session with me.

Here are a 3 reasons why should you should book your newborn session (now) before your baby arrives


Allows time for me to prop source

After you book your newborn session, I’ll send over my newborn prep guide and questionnaire. This questionnaire covers everything from your preference of colors, props, image requests, and more. Specifically, when it comes to newborn props, I like to make sure I know what you want for the session and order it to ensure it delivers before your session day.


Calendars fill up fast, so you’ll get your first choice of photographer

I’ve been in business for a few years now and something about this year in business is different than years past – I am consistently booking up MONTHS in advance. 

When you book your newborn photographer months in advance, it allows you to get your first preference of newborn photographer lessens the risk of their calendar being fully booked.


Plan financially (payment plans)

My client’s favorite “P” words: payment plans!

I always offer payment plans to all of my clients. These plans can be entirely customized to however they’d like (monthly, bimonthly, etc). When you book your newborn photographer months in advance, it can allow you to afford the luxury of newborn photography by making multiple smaller payments (vs. making one large payment).



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3 Reasons you should book your Newborn Session before Baby arrives