Sioux City Newborn Photographer

Do you know what the #1 most important thing that happens at a newborn session is?

You might be thinking… family or sibling photos, getting sleeping baby photos, or photographing the small baby features.

But there’s one thing that is my TOP priority… NEWBORN SAFETY!

Hands down, keeping your little one safe is the most important thing to happen at your session.

Here’s a few steps I take before and during my newborn photography sessions:

  • Clean hands: I always wash my hands before my sessions and always have a container of hand sanitizer nearby!
  • Spotter: I always request that either parent is a spotter when doing newborn poses when baby is in a basket, bed, or bowl. Typically, baby is in a deep sleep when we do these poses, but in case they startle themselves, a spotter will ensure they won’t get hurt.
  • Supporting baby: Since babies aren’t yet able to support their heads, you’ll find that I always support their little neck when I wrap or move them.
  • Clean props: After every newborn session, I always take home any wraps I’ve used to wash them for my next newborn session. 
  • Illness: If anyone is sick (parents, siblings, baby, or myself) on the session day, we will reschedule to a later date. I don’t want your baby to catch any illnesses when they are only a few days old.



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Importance of Safety during a Newborn Session