You’ve spent money on a photographer and want everything to be perfect.

I get it, because I want everything to be perfect for you too!

But sometimes during the spring and summer months, the Weather Man isn’t able to give the quick message to Mother Nature to keep the skies cleared up for your session; therefore, during the spring and summer months, this is one question I get from clients:

What if the sun isn’t shining? What if it’s cloudy on my session day?

My answer:

It’s totally okay if the sun isn’t shining on your session day! Honestly, it kind of makes your job as the photography subject and my job as the photographer a lot easier in some way!


When the sun isn’t shining, I don’t have to be as cautious when positioning my clients. I always want to prevent the direct sunlight or harsh shadows on everyone’s faces, but when the sun isn’t shining and it’s cloudy I can almost position my clients in any direction!

It also creates really rich and vibrant colors in your images and everything looks more colorful. It’s one of my favorite things! 

Now, sometimes with cloudy skies comes the chance of rain, which I hate! If there is too large of a chance of rain during your session time, we’ll find a day/time that works with both of our schedules to reschedule your session. If it happens to rain on your wedding day, there is no reason to worry! I come to the wedding day with my trunk filled with enough clear umbrellas for myself and your wedding party!


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What if the sun isn’t shining on my session day?