Bringing your furry friend along to your engagement session is something that can be super fun and make for some incredibly cute photos! I’m all for bringing pups to any type of session, but to ensure we have the most successful session with your pup, make sure to do the following things:

  1. Ask yourself this: “is my dog friendly around other people he/she doesn’t know?” If you’re not sure or your answer is no, leave the pup at home.
  2. Bring a friend to your session to be on “dog duty”: Typically, I always start a session with images of you and your pup. Dogs are always the least patient, so we try to get their portion of the photo session out of the way first. While photographing your dog, “dog duty” includes helping me get your pup to look at the camera. Once we’re done photographing you with your pup, your friend can grab your pup and either hang with them while they’re on their leash or take them home. Plus it’s nice to bring someone along to take your pup home early, because if it’s warm outside, you don’t want to leave your pup inside a hot car.
  3. Bring treats: My girl Annie will do almost anything for a treat! She’ll show you all of her tricks, one that includes “sit” and she will partially “stay”. We definitely will get most of the pictures of you and your dog while they’re sitting and want to reward them for all of their excellent behavior!
  4. Bring a squeaky toy: or any of their favorite toys! We want to do anything we can to make them look at the camera, so your friend’s “dog duty” includes squeaking a toy above the camera to get them to look at the camera.

Now who’s ready for a portrait session with furry friend?!


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How to prepare for your portrait session with your dog