Selecting a wedding photographer is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The images your wedding photographer delivers to you will be some of the only things you will have to really remember your wedding day, and they will be cherished forever!

You’ll eat the cake, preserve the dress, the bouquets will wilt, and have some memories of dancing all night on the dance floor.

But your wedding images and wedding album will be forever. You’ll be able to share these special memories with your children and grandchildren one day.

So now that you know how important a wedding photographer is, here is a list of 3 crucial things to consider while selecting the right wedding photographer for you!


What does their portfolio look like?

I highly urge you to take a peek at each photographer’s website, social media pages, and portfolio. When selecting a wedding photographer, you want to make sure their work in their portfolio and on social media is consistent. This will give you a better understanding and picture of what your wedding day images might look like. 


What’s their editing style?

Once you’ve checked out their website, portfolio, and social media, you’ll probably notice their editing style. These days, there are many different styles of editing – bright and vibrant, dark and moody, or classic to name a few. You’ll want to find a photographer that best fits the style you want in your images!


What type of experience do they offer?

This is something you might not realize at first, but something that you should really consider while selecting a wedding photographer. 

Does the photographer offer an engagement session? Do they provide a bridal guide filled with wedding planning suggestions and wedding day tips? Does the photographer check in with you throughout the process? Do they provide you with a list of their recommended vendor list? Will they create a custom wedding day timeline and help you stick to it on your big day? Will they treat you with gifts along the way?

** Taylor Maurer Maurer Photography offers ALL of the above to give our couples the BEST wedding experience! 🙂 


These are things you might not have initially thought of when it comes to a wedding photographer’s wedding experience, but things to consider going forward when selecting the best photographer for your wedding day!


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3 Things to Consider While Selecting a Wedding Photographer