Selecting a senior portrait photographer has many important factors that should be considered. Images from your senior portrait session are ones you’ll hang on the walls of your home, post on social media for #seniorpicsunday, gift to family, and have forever!

When selecting your senior photographer, make sure to consider these things:

Your Senior Experience

Taking your senior pictures is something you will want to remember forever! 

Would you rather have a senior photographer who is fun and upbeat, provides you with lots of information to best prepare you for your session, and makes you look and feel your best OR would you rather have a photographer who leaves you in the dark with how to prepare, just snaps some photos of you and calls it good, and isn’t fun to be around? I want the first photographer!

***I strive my absolute hardest and am always working to give my seniors the best experience possible! Seniors should expect to be well-educated about the session and have the best time with lots of laughs and bad dance moves. To see more of the Taylor Maurer Photography senior experience, click here! 


When selecting a senior portrait photographer, you want to make sure their work in their portfolio and on social media is consistent. Take a peek at their website and social media pages to see what your images and senior experience could look like too.

*** Seniors photographed by Taylor Maurer Photography can expect images that are bright, vibrant, and lively, which can be seen based upon my website and social media pages! My images are true to life, make you look your best, and best represent you! You are guaranteed to always have a smile on your face and you won’t want the experience to end!  

Free Guides

Does your senior portrait photographer offer any freebies, provide you with educational guides on what to expect or what to wear, or FAQs? Things like this, no matter how big or small, will help you prepare for your senior session!

*** Seniors photographed by Taylor Maurer Photography always receive the TMP Senior Style Guide, which consists of information on what to expect for your senior session, tips on what to wear, and list of things to do to best prepare for their senior session!

Professional Hair + Makeup

Professional hair and makeup is one amazing perk of your senior session. It allows you to stress less about doing your hair and makeup yourself before your session and it makes you look absolutely amazing in your images! Who doesn’t love to be pampered?! 

*** During Taylor Maurer Photography’s previous senior portrait session, 100% of the seniors photographed selected Senior Collections that included professional hair and makeup by my favorite hair and makeup artist in Siouxland!

Digitals vs. Products

This can be one of the biggest factors you weigh when selecting a senior portrait photographer: do they offer digitals, products, or both? How do you want your images to be displayed? Would you rather have digital images to post on social media or an album to display all of your images?

*** At Taylor Maurer Photography, we offer both digitals and products! All TMP Senior Collections include digital images and print release, but come with the option to add of prints, canvases, albums, and more!


Taylor Maurer Photography only takes a limited number of senior portrait sessions each year, so to contact Taylor to book a senior session ASAP, click here!


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5 Things to Consider when Selecting your Senior Photographer