If you know me well, you know that one of my favorite things to do is make lists.

Going to the grocery store? Make a list. 

Want ideas of cool things to do in life? Make a (bucket) list. 

Have errands to run? Make a list. 

Long work week ahead? Make a list. 

I love the feeling when I’m able to mark something off my list. Sometimes I even add something to the list that I might have forgotten to add, and just completed, just so I can mark another thing off!

Being a wedding photographer with previous experience of having my own engagement photos taken last year, I’ve got a checklist that you won’t want to forget for your own engagement session!

  1. Coordinate your outfits – coordinating outfits might possibly be one of the most difficult parts of planning your engagement session and it’s obviously one of the most important too. Start off by picking YOUR outfit first (from your dress, shoes, jewelry, and accessories) and then pick your fiance’s outfit.
  2. Schedule your hair and makeup – going pro for engagement photos is one thing I always recommend to brides – you will never regret it! Come with a few ideas for your hair and makeup artist and they’ll do all of the hard work! It’ll be less stressful for you, and who doesn’t love getting dolled up?!
  3. Get your nails done – don’t skip this step! Schedule your nail appointment the day before or morning of your engagement session (to avoid chipping nails before your session). If you don’t have enough time to get your nails done, either paint them at home yourself or come with clean/non-chipped fingernails.
  4. Clean your engagement ring – this is something you might have forgotten! Visit the jewelry store you purchased your engagement ring from and have them shine it up – most jewelers will do it for FREE if you bought your ring there! If you don’t have time to go visit the jeweler, just purchase an at-home ring cleaning kit from the store!
  5. Come up with a fun date night afterwards – you got your hair and makeup professionally done and are dressed up in the cutest outfits, why not make it a date night!? Plan for dinner, drinks, and/or a movie afterwards so you both have something super fun to look forward to after engagement photos are done.

By completing this checklist, you and your fiance are almost guaranteed to have an amazing session with even more amazing photos!!


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Your Engagement Session Checklist