If you haven’t already gotten the hint from the title of this blog post, I love golden hour because I really do believe it’s the perfect time for all types of sessions!

Now, what is golden hour?

Golden hour is the hour or two before right before the sun sets in the sky OR after sun rises in the morning. 

Here’s a few of my favorite reasons why I love shooting during golden hour:

  1. Warm and glowy look: It gives images a warm and glowy look to them! If you’ve been around for a while or have had a chance to take a quick peek at my social media pages, you’ll notice I love the warm look to my images! Golden hour helps immensely for this!
  2. Easier to manage shadows: Golden hour makes things a little easier for me when it comes to managing the shadows my client’s faces! Nothing is worse than intense shadows across your faces in a photo. During golden hour, shadows are a LOT easier to manage!
  3. Rich colors: Even if it is cloudy and we can’t see the sun during your session, we’ll still be able to get very rich colors in your images!
  4. Sun flares: If you’re lucky, you can get some amazing sun flares in your images! They aren’t in all of my golden hour images, but sometimes it’s a fun surprise we get when editing!

Would you rather have your session during the morning golden hour or evening golden hour?


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What is golden hour and why is it perfect for all sessions?