Christmas shopping was really fun this year, because I was able to give a few gifts that I knew my family and friends would really like! I don’t do blog posts like this one, but I felt the need to share, because everyone should have these items! 

1. Naughty oven mitts: I gifted my cousins, sister, and myself each a naughty oven mitt!! We’ve had an inside joke with our parents that we can’t cuss (around them) until we were 21 years old. Well, this year, I thought it would be pretty fitting to gift them an oven mitt with cuss words on them. Everyone loved them!


2. “My cat/dog is cool as f*ck” socks: I found these socks from the same website as the naughty oven mitts. I died when I saw these, instantly thought of my friends, and couldn’t pass them up, because A.) they love their cats/dogs and B.) again, when things have cuss words on them, I think it’s hilarious!


3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Village: Jacob’s family loves to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation each Christmas and they love to quote it in every everyday situation possible. A few years ago, Jacob found Christmas Vacation Village, similar to a Christmas Village, but with scenes from the movie Christmas Vacation. He started with Cousin Eddie emptying out the septic tank in the camper. This year, we got her Clark plugging in the lights to the house! His mom loves it so much that she’s purchased the Griswald home, garage, and Cousin Eddie’s camper!


4. Copies of our wedding album: When we got married, we knew we wanted to gift smaller copies of our wedding we received from our wedding photographer to our parents and our grandparents for Christmas. It was also a great way to thank them for everything they’ve done for us! Jacob and my wedding album was a 12”x12”, so we got our parents an 8”x8” album, and each of our grandparents a 4”x4” wedding album. They all loved them and enjoy looking through them to remember our wedding day!

My favorite holiday gifts