One thing I love to do is to draw detailed digital portraits of pets! I’ll draw anything from your cat or dog and I’d even draw a photo of your horse or farm cow! 

Sometimes taking that perfect photo of your pet for your detailed pet portrait can be tough. This blog post is meant to help you take the perfect photo of your pet, so you can send to me for your digital portrait!

  • Take your photo in natural lighting. This ensures you’re capturing their natural color with a limited number of shadows. The best way to do this inside is to have them face towards a window and then you place yourself between your pet and the window. 
  • Get down at their level. The best photos clients send me for pet portraits are when the owner taking the photos is down on the same level as the pet. So, if you’ve got a tiny little puppy, lay down on your stomach to get that photo.
  • Make sure your pet is looking at the camera. I’m able to best achieve this with my dog Annie if I have her “sit” and “stay” and then place one of her treats directly above my phone’s camera, so it looks like she’s looking right at the camera (even though she’s all about that treat). 

Once you’ve followed these starts and taken a few photos of your pet, email them to me, so I can get your portrait started!

Detailed digital pet portraits make great gifts for pet lovers, someone who may have recently lost their furry friend, or are great to get for yourself!

Ask me about my detailed pet portrait magnets, decal stickers (great for car windows or laptops), prints, cards, and more!

TMP Detailed Pet Portraits: How to take a Great Photo of your Pet