Want to see one of the sweetest photos I think I have ever taken?

Keep reading then.

This week, I got the opportunity to photograph the Dodson family: Rob, Margy, Emmett, and new baby brother Charlie!

Margy and I met our freshman year of college at Iowa State.

I actually remember the exact moment we met! We were on Iowa State’s central campus, we just received our sorority bid cards (go Gphi – woo!), and were sitting in a circle with our pledge class doing introductions. I happened to sit right next to Margy and couldn’t keep my eyes off of her bright floral flats she had on. I said “hey, I like your shoes!”, she thanked me, and we started chatting away!

Baby Charlie was born about a month ago and Margy asked me to come down to Council Bluffs to photograph their new family of 4. It was an easy “yes”, because Emmett is the cutest and Charlie is so adorable!

We spent our time between photographing them as a family of 4, photos of Charlie in his nursery, and then I was able to capture a few sweet moments in between all of that.

My heart melts every time I look at the below photo of Emmett holding Charlie’s little hand!


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