love with your dog as much as I do?

Has anyone ever said you’re obsessed with your pet? Keep reading! Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of art that shows off your furry best friend or you want a keepsake to remember a pet that has passed, a digital pet portrait is perfect for you.

hey, pet parent!

i'm someone who believes that a pet is an important part of the family

If you don't have a perfect reference photo of your pet, you'll need to take one. Best tips: get down on pet's level, have pet look at camera, and take the photo in natural light. If you need a little help here, check out this blog post.

You have the option to add on additional products of your pet portrait. My favorites are decal stickers, keychains, prints, and magnets!

Once I've finished your digital portrait, I'll send it over to you via email. Shortly after your digital pet portrait has been emailed to you, your products will be dropped in the mail. 

Take a photo of your pet, if needed

pick your add on products

portrait delivery




Look through your camera roll for photos of your pet for the portrait. Don't be afraid to send a few photos to me. I'll let you know which image I'll use for the portrait.

send your reference photos


Once you've decided you want to order a digital pet portrait, you'll want to get ahold of me ASAP. I take 2 digital portrait orders per month and typically book out 2 months ahead.

you want a pet portrait


here's how it works...

digital pet portraits by taylor maurer

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a digital file of pet portrait
delivered via email within 2 weeks

3-pack of decal stickers
of digital pet portrait

1 decal sticker
3-pack decal stickers
1 fridge magnet
3-pack fridge magnets
5x7 print
8x10 print
Christmas ornament


a digital file of pet portrait delivered via email within 2 weeks

a digital file of pet portrait
delivered via email within 2 weeks

3-pack of decal stickers

1 fridge magnet

1 5x7 print

1 keychain




7% sales tax to be added to selected collection      ||      pricing is subject to change without notice

digital + product bundle

digital + 3-pack


DIGital pet portrait pricing + a la carte

a la carte

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$40 savings!

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